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Trimedco has been providing medical products to the hospital and critical care community since 1977. For over 40 years, our success formula has been to partner with only those manufacturers who have demonstrated a firm commitment to making innovative, high quality products that enable clinicians to improve standard of care. 

Our sales associates are educated and trained by the manufacturers with which we partner to enable us to successfully train hospital physicians and staff. Quite simply, we are not in business to move boxes but rather to provide a valuable service to our healthcare community. How can we help your organization? Reach out to us using the Contact form below or give us a call and you'll reach our live customer service team. Thanks for visiting!

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Allow us to be your source for Respiratory, NICU, and other critical care areas. Looking for an infant suction device for your NICU or a or pft filter / pft mouthpiece for the Pulmonary Lab? Or an oxygen cylinder cart or medical suction regulator for Respiratory? Please browse our other product offerings and let us know how we can assist you.

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