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Flotec Flowmeters & Regulators


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The Flotec medical gas Flow Control Valve flowmeter features a unique 12 position, non-gravity sensitive fixed orifice mechanism. Its lightweight, all metal component, unibody construction incorporates a 30-micron sintered metal inlet filter, and a second internal 20-micron rotor filter. It effectively functions as a back pressure compensated device, based on the “Perfect Gas Law”.

Flotec flow meters are ergonomically designed with large View Windows and its Flow numerals have  optional “Night Glow” Glow in the Dark Decals. 

The whole Flow Control Valve is a lightweight, unibody, ergonomic, MRI conditional, all metal assembly with a complete selection of inlet and outlet connections. Available with flows as low as 1/50th of a liter (20mL) thru, and including, 60 LPM in any medical gas or gas blend.


Custom flows and flow ranges are available at nominal charge.

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InGage Regulators

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flotec ingage pr.png

The Flotec InGage Regulator is a medical gas regulator with a unique internal pressure gauge built into the body of the regulator with a window to show the cylinder pressure. The gauge features a color coded 0-3000 PSI range that can be reset in the field. The all brass, high pressure, yoke connector has a 10-micron sintered brass inlet filter and a permanent O-ring type yoke washer seal.

The regulator is a single stage, piston type, backpressure compensated, pressure reducer with an integral relief valve and a “click style” flowmeter that has 12 flow positions that will operate in any orientation or during extreme vibration. The unique flow rotor assembly has a second integrated 20-micron, sintered stainless steel filter built into the laser drilled orifice plate providing an absolute level of contamination protection.

Currently available in nine different Medical Gases, 16 colors, six pressure settings, five International standards, two different metals and a nearly unlimited number of outlet connections. The InGage Regulator design allows the user to customize the regulator so that it will fit almost any requirement. The unique and distinctive Flotec Dodecagon (12 sided) shape helps prevent confusion with other brands, prevents the regulator from rolling off tabletops, and makes it easier to crack pecans, kill bugs and drive nails.

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