Flotec Respiratory Products

Flotec Flowmeters and Resident Nipple Adapters

Flotec Flowmeters feature

  • all metal construction

  • MRI compatible & safe

  • 29 flow ranges

  • 14 different anodized colors

  • Available flows from 1/20th of a liter (20cc) thru 60 LPM

Flotec Resident Nipple Adapters

  • all metal construction

  • built in swivel

  • 2.5" chain, standard

  • 7 colors available

  • fixed flow orifice available

Fire EMS

Flotec Double Flowmeters and Medical Gas Regulators

Flotec Double Flowmeters

  • available in T and Y configurations

  • Low Profile optimizes wall space

  • MRI Conditional

  • each flowmeter's range can be individually specified

Flotec Gas Regulators

  • 9 medical gas configurations

  • 13 color options available

  • all metal construction

  • MRI Conditional

Flotec Ingage Regulators

Minimize your Regulator Repairs & Replacements

  • Perfect for Ambulance, ED, Transport

  • All Brass Dome Knob Swivel Yoke Connection (no more bent or broken T Handles)

  • Internal Contents Gauge (no more broken Gauges)

  • Glow in the Dark Flow Numbers

  • Unique Double Filter System

  • 9 Medical Gas Configurations

  • 13 Different Anodized Colors

  • MRI Conditional

Flotec Mass Casualty Setup

Contact us for quotes on mass casualty setups.

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