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20 foot leader, six (0-25) flowmeters w/ swivel T’s, w/InGage Regulator

Flotec Mass Casualty Assembly

SKU: MCA-226P7-20FX0
  • The assembly provides for the rapid triage deployment of six (0 to 25 LPM) Flowmeters or ten (0 to 15 LPM) Flowmeters that can run off the Ambulances onboard oxygen system. This provides the flexibility of individually controlling each patient’s LPM requirement. The All-Metal Flowmeters are extremely durable and are non-gravity sensitive. The entire system can be run off any 50 PSI oxygen source capable of delivering 150 LPM. Custom Designs available

    • Unique 20 foot leader hose provides clearance
    from the ambulance before the first independent
    • Unique 6 foot spaces between each flowmeter to
    provide space to treat each patient with 50 foot
    overall length
    • Unique 2 way swivel Tee configuration
    • Unique low (-40 F) temperature hose rating
    • Unique lanyards at each flowmeter for hanging on IV poles or wall
    • Includes a compact canvas or hard sided carrying case
    • Unique Optional DISS 1204 Check Valves for powering a
    ventilator, aspirator or CPAP
    • Unique Optional Drop Hoses available for Mobile Shelter / Hospital
    • Includes CGA540 pressure reducing regulator for attachment to
    large volume cylinder
    • Manufactured exclusively in the United States of America

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