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Anesthesia Products

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When you are taking care of your patient, you don't want to have to think about the supplies you are using. If inferior products are becoming a distraction, allow us to help. With decades of experience creating products for anesthesia, the manufacturers we represent have built a reputation of quality and consistency. And for just as long Trimedco has been providing anesthesia professionals the outstanding quality products you need to help you take care of your patients. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your department's needs.

Ambu AuraOnce Laryngeal Mask

The pre-formed curve of AuraOnce mimics the natural human anatomy making correct insertion fast and easy and allowing the patient’s head to remain in a natural supine position without placing additional stress on the upper jaw. It's D-shaped tube allows a firm and ergonomic grip during insertion.

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Ambu AuraStraight Laryngeal Mask

Ambu AuraStraight is uniquely molded in a one-piece design eliminating the possibility of rough edges on the airway tube or cuff. The cuff is soft and thin providing a seal that conforms to the shape of the airway with the minimal pressure.

Trimedco larygeal mask lma ambu aurastraight lma

Ambu Aura-i Laryngeal Mask

Ambu® Aura-i™ is designed with a preformed curve that mimics the anatomy of the human airway allowing fast and easy placement. Additionally the Aura-i can be used as conduit for direct endotracheal intubation assisted by a flexible scope (such as the Ambu® aScope™ 3)

Aura Laryngeal Mask family pdf

Trimedco larygeal mask lma ambu aura-i lma

Ambu Spur II Resuscitators

Ambu SPUR II provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation. The bag is highly responsive, featuring minimal mechanical resistance. Moreover, the characteristic design provides the optimum in respect to stroke volume and recoil.

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Sunmed Nerve Stimulators

Ergonomic and Affordable

with easy to ready displays and multiple output options.

trimedco nerve stimulator sunmed

Truer Medical Temperature Management Products

Esophageal Stethoscopes with temp sensor, General Purpose Probes, Tympanic Sensor and Skin Sensor

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Sunmed Infu-Surg 
Pressure Infusion Bag

The Infu-Surg® Pressure Infusion Bag features

  • A dedicated fluid bag hook so it can remain hanging when removing fluid bag

  • Single handed operation

  • Pressure relief valve and gauge


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