Analytical Industries Oxygen Analyzers and Oxygen Sensors 

Known worldwide for the quality and performance of their galvanic oxygen sensors for trace (parts per million) and percentage measurements, Analytical Industries' advanced sensor technology provides excellent performance, accuracy and stability as well as fast recovery from exposure to air. You benefit from an extended sensor lifetime and minimal maintenance.

Trimedco oxygen monitor with high and low alarm Analytical Industries
Trimedco oxygen analyzer Palm O2 Analytical Industries

O2 Analyzers


Trimedco oxygen sensors analytical industries
Trimedco oxygen sensors analytical industries
Trimedco oxygen sensors analytical industries

O2 Sensors


Analytical Industries’ AII-2000 series and Palm O2 handheld oxygen analyzers are virtually maintenance free, easy to operate and cost effective. They also feature long battery and sensor life.

Oxygen Sensors

  • Unmatched Quality Control: Every sensor is subjected to extensive quality assurance testing providing you with documented test results and the most reliable oxygen sensors available today.

  • Longest Expected Life: With our technology, sensors are expected to last up to 5 years in normal use.

  • Realistic Warranty: Sensors are warranted for up to 18 months based on 60-70% Oxygen levels.

  • Superior Service: The most common products ship within 24 hours. 

Allow us to be your source for Respiratory, NICU, and other critical care areas. Looking for an infant suction device for your NICU or a or pft filter / pft mouthpiece for the Pulmonary Lab? Or an oxygen cylinder cart or medical suction regulator for Respiratory? Please browse our other product offerings and let us know how we can assist you.