The latex free Infu-Surg® Pressure Infusion Bag is a safe, high-quality, reliable device for intravenous and intra-arterial infusion treatment, including A-line pressure monitoring. The new dedicated fluid bag hook enables efficient loading and unloading of the system without having to remove the infusion bag from the IV pole. Designed for single patient use, the Infu-Surg may help prevent and control cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections. The Infu-Surg is a cost-effective, trusted product that medical professionals have relied on for decades.

Infu-Surg® Pressure Infusion Bag 5/CS

    • Dedicated fluid bag hook enables efficient loading and unloading of the system without having to remove the infusion bag from the IV pole. 
    • Pressure relief valve prevents over inflation (330 mmHg pressure relief)
    • Large, oval shaped bulb allows for quick and easy inflation of bladder
    • Single-handed inflation and deflation design makes it easy to use and requires minimal training
    • Suitable for use with external inflation sources
    • Color-coded gauge makes for accurate pressure monitoring (0-300 mmHg)
    • Three-way stopcock ensures precise control of pressure
    • Incredibly reliable – 100% tested
    • Loads quickly and easily