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Pure Air for Home and Office

The Airgle room air purifier (AG300) is built for use in rooms of up to 155 square feet. It is equipped with cHEPA, activated carbon and Titanium Pro technologies that remove airborne pollutants, such as dust particles, odors, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs. The AG300 safely removes harmful pollutants down to 0.003 microns with an efficiency of 99.999%. The Airgle AG300 demonstrated a reduction to below testing equipment sensitivity of greater than a 99.998% reduction of recoverable active COVID -19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus in the air after 60 minutes of operation.*


Airgle® AG300 Air Purifier

SKU: AG300
  • Model Name: Airgle Room Air Purifier (AG300)

    AHAM (CADR) Smoke/Dust/Pollen: 100 cfm

    Fan Speeds: 5

    Air Delivery (cfm): 11.8 / 24.7 / 44.7 / 68.2 / 100

    Noise(dB): 32 / 38 / 48 / 55 / 65

    Power Consumption(With WIFI): 1.6W(Standby) / 5W / 7W / 11W / 20W / 46W

    Housing Material: PC + ABS Plastic

    Dimensions (Inch): H13.3 X W11.7 X D9.7

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