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Airgle Clean Room Air Purifier

Medical Grade Air Filtration Technology for Microbes | Chemicals | Particles in Critical Areas

The Airgle Clean Room (AG900) air purifier is specifically engineered for airborne infection control at hospitals, medical clinics, and other health care facilities. It features a 40 sq ft cHEPA filter with an efficiency up to 99.999%, 6 lbs of premium deep carbon blend, and the next-generation Titanium Pro module.

The Airgle AG900 demonstrated a reduction to below testing equipment sensitivity of greater than a 99.998% reduction of recoverable active COVID -19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus in the air after 60 minutes of operation.*



Test Results

The Airgle AG900 air purification device performed to manufacturer’s specifications and demonstrated a reduction to below testing equipment sensitivity of greater than a 99.998% reduction of recoverable active SARS-CoV- 2 virus in the air after 60 minutes of operation. There was no cytopathic effect in the lowest concentration of vero e6 cells, indicating a SARS-CoV-2 virus concentration lower than the limit of detection after a 21-day incubation.

The overall dimensions of the test chamber were approximately 20’x8’x8’ with a displacement volume of 1280 cubic feet. Based on cubic foot volume the chamber had 36,245.56 liters of air.

*Disclaimer: These tests were conducted by a third party laboratory in the USA under laboratory conditions. Airgle does not imply that these results can be replicated in a non-laboratory setting.

Airgle® AG900 Air Purifier

SKU: AG900
  • Brand Airgle
    Series Airgle AG Series
    Applications Microbiological Control
    * Viral and Bacterial Filtration via the 0.003 Micron cHEPA Filter
    * Viral and Bacterial Irradiation via the UV stage
    Light to Moderate Molecular Control
    * Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Control
    * Molecular (gaseous chemical) Control
    Complex Air Pollution Control
    * General Indoor Air Pollution Control
    * Tobacco smoke control
    * Wild-fire smoke control
    * Granular Activated Carbon Absorption
    * Microbiological control
    Allergen Control
    * Mold spore control
    * Pet dander control (cat, dog, etc.)
    * House dust mite allergen control
    * Pollen control
    Light to Moderate Odor Control
    * Pet odors
    * Musty odors
    * Cooking odors
    * Paint odors
    Filter Configuration 1 cHEPA Filter Stage - cHEPA filter (40 sqft) is certified to filter ultra-fine particulates down to 0.003 microns with an efficiency rating of over 99.991%. This includes dust, dust mites, pollen, dander, smog, mold, tobacco smoke, ash and other airborne pollutants including bacteria and viruses.

    1 Gas & Odor Carbon Filter Stage - 6lbs enhanced carbon for removing smoke, gas and odors.

    1 Titanium Pro® Module - This patent-pending technology is a next-generation PCO system that removes VOCs, neutralizes odors, and kills bacteria and viruses.
    Average Filter Life Gas & Odor Carbon Filter Stage - 12-16 months
    cHEPA Filter Stage - 12-16 months
    Titanium Pro® Module - 12-16 months
    Features *Ideal for large rooms 617 square feet
    *Sealed tech with no air bypass
    *Titanium Pro® module
    *Plug and play system for Titanium Pro module
    *Powerful deep cleaning with rated airflow of 400 CFM
    *Ultra-quiet motor technology
    *Aluminum housing
    *Easy-to-replace Filters
    *Handy remote control
    *Ozone-free technology
    *Energy Star qualified
    *AHAM Certified CADR: Tobacco Smoke 398, Pollen 379, Dust 400
    *Certification: AHAM Certified, Energy Star Certified and ETL Listed
    *Solid five year warranty
    Specifications 1000 CFM, 1500 RPM centrifugal, backward curved
    Includes The Airgle® AG900 comes complete with filters, user manual, set of 4 casters, 6.5 foot power cord and remote control.
    System Efficiency for Particles 99.991% at 0.003 microns
    Maximum Coverage Area 617 sqft based on an efficiency of 5 ACH (5 complete Air Changes per Hour)
    Number of Fan Speeds 5 Speeds
    Air Delivery Speed Speed 1 - 108 cfm
    Speed 2 - 148 cfm
    Speed 3 - 186 cfm
    Speed 4 - 231 cfm
    Speed 5 - 400 cfm
    Decibel Levels Speed 1 - 33 dB
    Speed 2 - 45 dB
    Speed 3 - 50 dB
    Speed 4 - 59 dB
    Speed 5 - 68 dB
    Ratings (CADR) Tobacco Smoke 398, Pollen 379, Dust 400
    Maximum Energy Consumption Speed 1 - 42 Watts
    Speed 2 - 55 Watts
    Speed 3 - 68 Watts
    Speed 4 - 80 Watts
    Speed 5 - 135 Watts
    Standby Energy Consumption 0.5 watt
    Power Requirements 120 V, 192 Watts, 60 Hz. All electrical components are UL certified.
    LCD Control Panel Display Yes
    Variable Timer Yes
    Replace Filter Indicator Yes
    Remote Control Yes
    Odor Control Yes
    Smoke Removal Yes
    Mold Spores Removal Yes
    Dust Removal Yes
    Pre-Filter Yes
    Gas/Carbon Filter Yes
    HEPA Filter Yes
    Ozone Emission No
    UV Lamp Yes
    Total Number of Filter Stages 3
    Pre-Filter Frame Material Rear Grill of system acts as the pre-filter.
    Gas/Carbon Phase Filter Material Aluminum filter frame filled with 6lbs of enhanced carbon for removing smoke, gas and odors and other molecular toxins.
    Post-Filter Frame Material Airgle's cHEPA filtration provides superior removal of airborne particles. The 40sqft of cHEPA media is certified to filter ultra-fine particles down to 0.003 microns and with an efficiency rating of over 99.991%, Airgle's systems deliver exceptional performance. Airgle® has the highest Clean Air Delivery Rates in the industry for removing smoke, pollen, and dust.
    Housing Material High-Grade Aluminium Frame
    Product Dimensions 17.7"L x 19.0"W x 25"H
    Net Weight (including filters) 56 lbs
    Warranty 5 years on unit including fan motor, excluding filters.
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