The BreathCO™ provides powerful motivation to give up smoking by clearly illustrating the levels of carbon monoxide excreted from a smoker's lungs.

BreathCO Carbon Monoxide Monitor

SKU: 29750
    • The 'gold standard' CO monitor is used in many research studies
    • Fast indicator of smoking status by measuring alveolar carbon monoxide
    • CO levels in ppm shown on the large display, not COHb estimates
    • Unique zero adjuster, highly stable calibration and long life sensor
    • Inexpensive, hygienic disposable mouthpiece and replaceable sample 'T' valves
  • Product BreathCO Carbon Monoxide Monitor
    Model Number 2970
    Size 175x100x50mm
    Weight 270g
    Indices Expired CO in ppm
    Operating Temperature Range 17 to 37°C
    Voltage 9v PP3
    Detection Principle Electrochemical sensor
    Measuring Accuracy +/- 3 ppm
    Range 0 - 199 ppm
    Resolution 1 ppm
    Sensor Life Guaranteed for 1 year
    Typical Battery Life 250 - 500 hours (Alkaline PP3)