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Omnimed power lifter I.V. Ii stands are designed to provide hazard-free, ergonomic lifting of solutions during surgical procedures. The dual column system is constructed of anodized aluminum poles and a heavy duty cast aluminum base with 6 non-conductive casters to ensure stability. The two separate stainless steel hanger assembly's hold two 5,000 CC irrigation containers each, for a total of four 5,000 ccs. The unit has a switch to designate which pole is moved. Both poles are easily raised or lowered with the use of foot pedals that operate the Pneumatic air glide system on the stand. The stands are simple to use and have an internal rechargeable 12V battery with the recharger, for cord free use during surgeries and procedures. The adjustable height of each pole is 5' 7" to 9' from floor to top of the hanger. A low voltage light kit is an optional accessory for this unit.

Omnimed Duel IV Pole Assist Lifter II

SKU: 741315
    • Capacity: Up to four 5000 cc containers (one bag per hook)
    • Dual column system so one bag can stay up at all times
    • Bring one down effortlessly with foot control - then put it right back in position!
    • Includes low voltage light - so users know when to charge the powerlifter
    • Battery operation removes the risk of power cords in the OR
    • Material:  Anodized aluminum poles / Stainless steel hanger assembly  •Cast aluminum base 6 non-conductive casters
    • Lift Mechanism: Pneumatic
    • Height: Min. 5' 7" to Max. 9' from floor to top hanger
    • Shipping Weight: Base - 48 lbs / Pole Assembly - 8 lbs
    • Operating Voltage: 12V DC (nom.)
    • Recharge Power: 115V 60Hz / approx. 180MA
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