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  • Stimulator output current is fully adjustable from 0-70 mA

  • Switch functions:

    • Stand-by position: no stimulus pulses are generated

    • Twitch: 1 pulse per second

    • Tetanus: 100 Hz (100 pulses/s)

    • Built-in train of four: 4 pulses in a period of 2 seconds 

  • Battery indicator light flashes when battery needs to be replaced

  • LED (green) battery light indicates that the unit is on, flashes on low battery

  • LED (red) flashes with audible indicator sounds each time a stimulus pulse is generated

  • Lightweight: 0.25lbs including battery

  • Standard battery: 9 volt alkaline

  • Nerve stimulator includes battery, ball electrodes, 6' lead with clips (snap version sold separately)

SunStim Nerve Stimulator

SKU: 8-1053-60
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